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How To Put On The Cozy Stroller Blanket Footmuff

Brr! Snuggle your little one in our cozy stroller blanket!

 how to put on our infant stroller blanket
Infant stroller blanket
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 How to put on a toddler stroller blanket
toddler stroller blanket
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How to put on our cozy stroller blanket:
These directions are the same for the infant or toddler stroller blankets.
1. Place the back of the stroller blanket against the back of the stroller.
2. Open the Velcro openings.
3. Pull the stroller straps through the openings.
4. Close the Velcro to match your child's shoulder height.
5. Slip elastic band over top of the stroller seat to further secure it to the stroller seat.
6. Place child in the seat.
7. Fasten all the straps before zipping the stroller blanket around your little one.
8. Zip the stroller blanket around your child to keep the cold out and warmth in.
9. Enjoy your warm stroll!

NOTE: The cozy stroller blanket is washing machine and dryer friendly.

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