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How To Put On The Nomie Car Seat Cover

The Nomie Baby car seat cover is the easiest car seat cover to put on. We designed the cover to slip onto the car seat without you needing to thread the straps through any holes. You are a busy parent on the go, so we made your life easier! Shop our infant car seat cover colors and our toddler car seat cover colors.

1. Pull the elastic edges around the car seat.

2. Slip the child restraint straps through the Velcro openings of the car seat cover.

3. You are done!

Watch the quick video from Nomie Baby's founder and fellow mom, Katie Danziger. She shows you how to put it on in seconds, and how it saves a car seat from a messy day!

slip the cover over existing cover

open Velcro and pull the straps through close the Velcro around the straps at desired height

Pull the elastic edges
over the entire
car seat.

Slip the straps
through the velcro
openings in the cover.